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Welcome to MapleScape!

January 12, 2018 bt Kenny

We are happy to annoucne the Launch of MapleScape! The server is now live and has many features and multiple game modes for you to enjoy. Whether you're an avid skiller or a dedicated PvP player, we have something for you! Come enjoy our many bosses, minigames, staff & player hosted events! We strive to bring the 2009-2010 server style to the prsent and mix in things from today's OSRS and put our own twist on things! Content suggestions are taken very seriously and anyone could decide the future updates of MapleScape. Stop in and see what you're missing!

Enjoy multiple game modes!

January 12, 2018 by Kenny

Enjoy any type of game play, with almost any expereince rate you could imgaine! Normal players have already have an exp boost, but why not try out Overkill mode with worldwide, high risk PvP and additonal 2.5x experience! Maybe you like it slow and would rather enjoy our Ultimate Ironman Mode at 75% exp reduction! We promise theres something for you here at MapleScape!

Please be patient!

January 12, 2018 by Kenny

While our website is online and functioning there may be bugs and there are features the team have to complete. Please take this in to consideration before making multiple complaints, good things take time.